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Terms/Conditions and Privacy Statement
Completion and submission of the Order Form, above, constitutes a request for services as listed or otherwise described in the context of http://www.qslworks.com/ together with it's attendant forms and images. Acceptance and agreement to provide services is at the discretion of QSLWorks, a subsidiary of Curt Merriman Printing, Inc. and becomes binding upon the same upon confirmation directed to the party requesting services by QSLWorks, and receipt by QSLWorks of payment as listed or otherwise described in this web site for the services requested. All cards printed are marked "QSLWorks.com" in small unobscure print in an inconspicuous location on the back, which may not appear in the proof issued on this web site. Any and all information intended to serve as a request for services, and all written or electronic data attendant thereto, received by QSLWorks, by whatever means, shall be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of providing services as requested. Accordingly, no information provided to QSLWorks for the purpose of inquiring about or requesting service through this web site, or by any other means, shall be disclosed to any person or entity for any reason other than the fulfillment of services requested.