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What are the prices for QSL cards?

Prices are all inclusive, and cover setup and production.

Full, Four Color Glossy Front - B/W Greyscale Back 120 lb Card Stock
500 cards $89 + shipping $11 Cont. US ONLY
1000 cards $139 + shipping $14 Cont. US ONLY
1500 cards $184 + shipping $16 Cont. US ONLY
2000 cards $207 + shipping $17 Cont. US ONLY
Cards to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and other destinations will be billed for actual shipping charges.

What makes a QSLWorks card special?
Superior Quality - Exceptional Service! QSLWorks is different than most QSL card printers. Rather than using a digital printer and then coating the cards so the color doesn't run, QSLWorks utilizes a large Heidelberg, four color offset press to professionally produce a depth, resolution and finish that digital printers simply can't match.

How long will you work with me to acheive a design that meets my approval?
Our goal is not simply to meet your approval, but exceed your expectations! Answer: As long, and with as many revisions as it takes for you to be absolutely thrilled with the design! Some orders will take a minimum amount of adjsutment, others will take substantially more work - however, they all average out - and we never get attached to any design until you do.

Are your rates competitive (some foreign printers appear to offer the same quality at cheaper rates)?
Yes! To start with, unregulated overseas printers come and go (here today, gone tomorrow). Most won't take your personal check, and submitting your credit card information to a foreign entity may be risky at best. If your order, payment, or credit card information get caught in the shuffle, you haven't saved a dime, and you have absolutely no recourse. Second, check the rates carefully, you may find that the initial quote doesn't actually match the price you pay in the end. Finally, keep in mind that mail to or from most countries overseas is far less secure and travels at a snail's pace - if they say they'll ship your cards in 24 hours, and you'll get them in a week . . . well, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is - just check and see how many DX cards (from stations that "QSL 100 percent") you're still waiting for.

After I place my order, how long does it take before I can view the proof?
As soon as we receive your order, we begin work on your card. On the same day we receive your payment, we email you with an interactive web page address where you can view your card, and direct changes. Every card in the system is updated daily.

How long after I approve the design will I receive my cards?
Since cards are batch printed, we can usually ship orders of 1,000 cards or more within two weeks. Orders under 1,000 cards are not as frequent, and must be combined with other small orders to be cost-effective. Consequently, our window on smaller quantities is a little broader. All cards are sent Priority Mail or UPS.

What if I am unhappy with the cards when I receive them?
If for any reason you are unhappy with the cards when you receive them, simply return them to us and at our discretion we will either reset and reprint them at no cost to you, or refund the purchase price. We do ask that prior to returning any cards, that you immediately email us with your concerns.

Is there anything else I should know?
Yes. We do not do single or two color cards, unless that's all you have in the design you request. Cards can be printed on flat, non-gloss stock if you prefer, however that will require a special run and the standard production windows will not apply. While glossy, our cards are not UV coated. UV coated cards, which utilize a plastic coating to produce and very high gloss, suffer stability problems and are prone to curling in very dry or humid climates.

How can I contact you?
That's the best part! QSLWorks is a wholly owned American firm located in South Dakota. QSLWorks is owned by Curt Merriman Printing, Inc. We prefer that you contact us by email, or in writing at the addresses listed below, however you may also reach us by telephone at Merriman Printing, at 1-877-731-9330 during business hours.

Curt Merriman Printing, Inc.
306 S. Coteau
Pierre, SD 57501